Real Love-Mary J. Blige.flac

Mary J. Blige 欧美音乐 2024-06-08 23:48:21
歌词: We are lovers true and through And though we made it through the storm I really want you to realize I really want to put you on I've been searching for someone To satisfy my every need Won't you be my inspiration Be the real love that I need Oh when I met you I just knew That you would take my heart and run Until you told me how you felt for me You said I'm not the one So I slowly came to see All of the things that you were made of And now I hope my dreams and inspiration Lead me towards a real love I've got to have a real love Love so true and oh, baby I thought that love was you I thought you were the answer To the question in my mind But it seems that I was wrong If I stay strong maybe I'll find a real love So I try my best and pray to God He'd send me someone real To caress me and to guide me Towards a love my heart can feel Now I know I can be faithful I can be your all and all And give you good lovin' through the summertime Winter, spring and fall You see I'm searching for a real love And I don't know where to go I've been around the world and high and low And still will never know How it feels to have a real love Cuz it seems there's none around I gotta end it in this way Because seems he can't be found



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